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June 18 2017

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Known as Petunia cultivars, Night Sky Petunias are a deep purple flower that’s characterized by the unique patterns on their petals. Much like their name suggests, these mesmerizing plants bloom to reveal a stunning plethora of white stars resembling distant clusters of galaxies. Their otherworldly patterns are the result of a variance between night and day temperatures, so if you’re growing your own then you should keep them warm in the day (around 100° F) and cool at night (about 50°F) in order to yield the most spectacular results. (Source)

Here is my first post on them, @sixpenceee



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May 28 2017


no 1 ever has a crush on me cause i got an abrasive personality and am a lil ugly but that’s ok cause those are my best qualities

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I’m sorry if I’ve ever been that toxic person in someone’s life &/or hindered anyone’s growth. Even in the smallest of ways

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I was minding my business, trying to take some photos but she just haaaad to come steal the show 😂

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Selfie tip: Bad lighting? Put that bitch in black & white and no one will ever know 😅

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I’ve got the blues 💙

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This is so fire, shoutout to one of my followers. 🙃

Just a witchy thing


When you see someone wearing a pentacle or triple moon goddess necklace and you’re just like

Are you
are you

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!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS NOT PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve never felt like this before.

Lately I’ve have this weird feeling and I couldn’t really put my finger on it .


I would think to be the best word for this feeling lately. I’ve stopped trying for everyone else .For years and years Id spend my time worrying.

who will love me ? 

How can my friends love me?

How can any one love me ?

I’m going to be  alone forever.

no this isn’t a story about finding a guy who liked me for who I am its about me ,This year I am finding myself and realizing that rest will come along .

I tried and tried to do things for others to love me and kinda lost track of myself, I let others hurt me beyond belief and took it because I thought that’s what i deserved. Id silence myself and put myself in situations where i would be unhappy to just feel the smallest taste of acceptance.I did things to fill voids and it cost me a lot of my esteem.

When I look at these photos it makes me so happy, because they are for me, because I love myself ,because I think I’m beautiful, and because I’m complete without anyone else. I don’t need to fill voids I just need me.

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January 28th, 2017
I spent my Torrid Haute Cash on this little number. Summer needs to get here!
Also, more photos on my Instagram!!! Which is only $1 through Patreon 😁😁😁😁

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Where Do We Go When We Go // Neck Deep

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girls are legitimate angels


Catching feelings is bullshit. I’m just eating french fries why i gotta think about kissing you? Fuck you


”so how’s your summer going”


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Don’t invite me anywhere last minute I enjoy doing nothing so I need to know ahead of time if my plan to do nothing needs to be changed

This is legit and people don’t realize it.

“hey what are you doing?”
“oh great! so you are avaliab-”
“no you don’t understand. I’m doing nothing.” 

I’m doing nothing. Actively. It’s important.


in the mood to be kissed.. like all the time

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